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During second world war this profession budded with few basic concepts to provide services to reduce pain, improve function & to maintain health. Physiotherapy has developed with leaps and bounds and widened throughout the horizon with flying colours in the new millennium.

As technology improves and human health industry recognizes the infinite need of this dedicated profession, Physiotherapy reached its highest growth and took a new dimension in this era.

All pioneers in this field throughout the globe proved, the importance and effects of therapy and authentically infused Physiotherapy into medical field , which is inevitable and inseparable from it. Because of this momentum, Physiotherapy profession becomes an autonomous one.

A question evoked in my mind , how this becomes possible.

The fact, truth I understand and realized that it is due to the source of therapy which is used to treat the patients. In Physiotherapy , elements of nature like heat, air, water, rays, gravity, etc is used to treat human tissues through technology by using modalities like shortwave diathermy, ultrasonic therapy, laser therapy, vacuum therapy, hydrotherapy, mobilization, manipulations, motor relearning approaches, sensory re-education, etc. So there is no question of side effects after Physiotherapy which is the net result after drug therapy. In certain conditions especially musculo-skeletal problems, it cures the source of problem and not as a symptomatic treatment . Currently human body is targeted by numerous factors like life style, food adulteration, physical , mental and emotional stress in both professional and personal life which leads to tissue dysfunction. The sad truth is that the terrific diseases conquers the human kind right from mother’s womb to graveyard tomb. In such a health threatening position , Physiotherapy provides a best treatment and preventive care , treatment excellence and commitment to human society which is a well-known global truth.

In keeping view of all the hidden therapeutic facts, it is my humble and honest belief that timely referred patients may get optimum recovery and high potentials of skills required for their fruitful life within the limits of the nature of disease. I conclude my message with a great saying